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DewbackPatrol’s Hasbro Toy Fair Q&A
DewbackPatrol’s own DewbackHunter had the opportunity ask Hasbro’s Jeff Labovitz some questions at the 2011 New York Toy Fair. This is partly from notes and partly from memory so don’t take every word as exactly what he said…

1.  Will there be a Clone Wars Duchess Sateen figure [this was asked with the hope that there would not be one]?

ANS.  There will be no Duchess Sateen figure, and we will not be doing any of the senator figures from all the recent episodes.

[I got the impression that Hasbro was cringing when they mentioned the mid-season 3 episodes.  He looked surprised that Inquisitor Glokta, a member of DewbackPatrol, actually liked some of those episodes. Again, this is just my impression. - DH]

2.  Interest in season 3 of the Clone Wars has been waning but recently has picked back up with these newer story arcs [implying that this could nagatively affect the toy line].

ANS.   Season 3 continues to pick up and season 4 is really looking great! [He really seemed to be answering as a Star Wars fan – Geek to Geek, Not Marketing Rep to nerd! -DH]

3.  Will there be a Savage Oppress figure because none were shown at Toy Fair?

ANS.  We don’t get to see the episodes far enough in advance to have the figures go along with the episodes.  There will be multiple versions of savage coming out with different outfits.  There will be multiple figures from the last two story arcs [The Night Sisters and The Mortis Trilogy].

4.  What was Hasbro’s reaction to the movies being done in 3D?

ANS.  We really were not surprised when we found out. We were assuming the movies would be in theaters again someday. [So no surprise to them, but he did not comment on the 3d part. - DH]

5.  What about alternate heads packaged with army builders?  I don't customize but did dabble with the Bespin guard and Endor rebel soldiers’ heads. [I explained that I keep one of each in perfect Hasbro condition on shelves in the order they were released and that I purchase extra OT troops] 

ANS.  [He Seemed really interested but did not have the opportunity to comment.  He began asking to see pictures of how I display my collection.  It really felt like a collector-to-collector conversation. Unfortunately, He was then pulled aside for another interview. - DH]

We would like to give a special thanks to Hasbro’s Jeff Labovitz and HunterPR’s Joe and Danny for dealing with us crazy collectors. We would also like to give a shout out to Paul from JediTempleArchives, definitely one of the coolest collecting site guys out there. How about a little Geekfest party in NY next year after Toy Fair? What do ya say Paul?  
- Rozwell